June 2023

a photo of an older couple dancing in their kitchen. They are wearing normal clothes

Don’t Stop Me Now!

Made By Mortals helps their community support people to live positively with dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairments. Last year we coproduced an immersive audio case study called ‘Ruby and Dennis’ Story’ as part of our award-winning Hidden programme. Working in partnership with Together Dementia Support and Dementia United we also coproduced a resource with/for people

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A Friendship Fixing Adventure – Out Now!🎧

This month, we’re going on A Friendship Fixing Adventure with our join-in story podcast for kids, Armchair Adventures! Lead adventurer Connie is having a really bad day! She’s fallen out with her best friend and broken her friendship necklace. She heads back to Armchair Adventures Travel Agency after school, where she chats with customer Kenny,

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