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Bonus Episode - Series 3 Trailer

“Ahhh, this is the life eh! Sitting on the beach, suntanning by the sea…” 🏖️ Join Uncle Chris and Connie as they near the end of their summer holidays, ready for another action packed, imagination fuelled series of Armchair Adventures.

Uncle Chris and Connie have an idea… listen here to find out 👇 Series 3 starts on Thursday 6th October with ‘A Poetry Adventure.’ Hit follow or subscribe to get this in your feed as soon as it’s released!

A Poetry Adventure - Part 1

“But the thing is, we’ll be traveling through the world of poems. So as soon as we land in a poem, we won’t be able to come back until you’ve written your own!”

Welcome to series three of Armchair Adventures. Yes, that’s right – Connie and the gang are back! You’ll visit so many exciting places adventurers, and it all kicks off with part one of A Poetry Adventure!

A Poetry Adventure - Part 2

Join us for part two of A Poetry Adventure! Connie is struggling with her homework – she has to write a poem but she doesn’t know where to start. Luckily, our resident poet Pauline and the rest of the gang are on a mission to help her. In part one they took her on a journey into their favourite poems to show her how it’s done.

Now it’s Connie’s turn to put pen to paper. It’s the only way for her to leave the world of poetry and get back home in time to hand in her homework! Will Connie do it, listen to fun out…

A Camaraderie Adventure - Part 1

“In the forces we do almost everything as a team, which really helps to get the job done and reduce feelings of stress at the same time.”


Connie has been feeling a bit stressed out. There’s loads to do behind the scenes to make an Armchair Adventures episode and she has been tackling it all alone.

A Camaraderie Adventure - Part 2

“It’s important to stay calm and together, and encourage each other.”


It’s crunch time at Armchair Adventures Head Quarters! 

Made By Mortals – the company who help Connie and her customers produce Armchair Adventures – need the next episode ready and pronto. However, the builders have rocked up, so everybody needs to squeeze into the broom cupboard to crack on with all the behind-the-scenes jobs. It’s chaos!

A Christmas Spirit Adventure

“Scoop up a handful of baubles and let’s funky turkey them all over that tree!”


Connie is visiting Father Christmas in Lapland, so the gang want to decorate Armchair Adventures Head Quarters as a surprise for when she gets home. There’s a problem though, Connie has left Uncle Chris in charge and he can’t stand Christmas! 

Find out why Uncle Chris lost his Christmas spirit, and whether the gang and all you adventurers can help him to rediscover it, with plenty of drama game fun in true Uncle Chris style!

A Panto Adventure

In a pantomime everything and everyone ends up happy. I love that!”


Connie is off to a pantomime with school, but she’s never seen one before so she doesn’t know what to expect. She sets Uncle Chris and Year 3 at Arlies Primary School a very important assignment – they need to find out what ingredients make up a proper good panto! 

A Charity Shop Adventure - Part 1

“It’s a really good feeling knowing someone will be making more memories, like the ones you made.”
Connie and the gang are at Willow Wood charity shop with their new friend Denise, who works in the shop. They’ve brought bags and bags of things to donate to a good cause – but Connie isn’t sure about letting go.
When the magic mirror starts to show Connie how happy her old things could make other people, will she have a change of heart?

A Charity Shop Adventure - Part 2

“You never know what you’re going to get! This could be our lucky day!”


Connie and the gang join our competition-winning new friend Denise on a magical adventure in a charity shop!

Connie has never been to a charity shop before, so our new friend Denise can’t wait to show her what she’s missing!

An Inside Nanna's Head Adventure - Part 1

In this episode, Connie joins a community theatre company to create a new theatre show to help her learn about mental health illness.

“When people are poorly with their mental health they quite often appear one way to people on the outside, but inside their head they are experiencing very different thoughts and feelings.”


An Inside Nanna's Head Adventure - Part 2

Join Connie and the gang in Part 2 of ‘Inside Nanna’s Head Adventure’ where they continue their journey to understand more about mental health.

“It’s important to ask people what they want when they are not feeling well, Connie and it’s important to listen to them.”



A Time Travelling Cricket Bat Adventure - Part 1

Welcome to the Armchair Adventures Travel Agency – Journeys Of The Imagination! In this episode, Connie and the gang take a magical trip to the past to learn about building confidence from their new friend Kanti.

“Sometimes when we face challenges that we’re the most afraid of, it’s the most fun and rewarding!”


Connie has been invited to speak about Armchair Adventures at the Junior Presentation Championships, but she’s too shy to say yes. Her new friend Kanti understands exactly how she feels, but Connie can’t quite believe it – he seems so confident!

A Time Travelling Cricket Bat Adventure - Part 2

Join Connie and the gang as they take a magical trip to learn about building confidence from their new friend Kanti.

“People don’t have to be born confident, but if you’re prepared then you can feel confident!!”


Our Armchair Adventure continues! Chief adventurer Connie has travelled to the future where she’s giving a speech at the Junior Presentation Championships. The trouble is, she’s not at all ready so it hasn’t gone too well!

The Biggest Obstacle Course On Earth Adventure! - Part 1

It’s time for Connie and her lovely customers to grab their sports gear as they tackle ‘The Biggest Obstacle Course On Earth…’

“It’s great knowing you have people on your side, working together as one!”


Connie has backed out of sports day at school and her cousin Sura isn’t pleased! Back atArmchair Adventures Travel Agency, her customer Steve and the rest of the gang want to prove that getting active can be fun! They decide to take Connie on a journey of the imagination… to THE BIGGEST OBSTACLE COURSE ON EARTH!

The Biggest Obstacle Course On Earth Adventure! - Part 2

After escaping from the giant tunnel of mud, Connie and her customers are ready to face the final obstacles in ‘The Biggest Obstacle Course on Earth Adventure!’ They have united as a team and they’re determined to get through the challenge together – with a little help from all you adventurers, of course!

“I loved being part of a team and using my imagination to enjoy exercise!”


But can they conquer the terrifying final obstacle – The Wall of Doom?!

A Magical Mystery Cycling Adventure

Get ready to pedal as you join Connie and the gang on a very special bike ride!

“That’s the thing with riding your bike, you’re not on anyone else’s timetable, you’re free to explore!” 


At the Armchair Adventures Travel Agency, Connie is getting ready for another journey of the imagination with the gang. Customer Christine decides that it’s time for a magical cycling adventure because she’s about to donate her bike to The Bike Kitchen. She would love one last spin with her friends before passing it on for someone else to enjoy!

A Magical Mystery Cycling Adventure - Part 2

Connie and the gang get a taste of Bike Kitchen magic when they go to donate Christine’s old bicycle.

“When you’re on your bike, you’re totally in the moment – no chance to worry about anything else!” 


Grab your bike helmet adventurer, because it’s time to continue our join-in journey of the imagination to The Bike Kitchen with Connie and the gang in this exciting episode of Armchair Adventures!

A Friendship Fixing Adventure - Part 1

After falling out with her best friend, Connie is keen to mend things by going on a wild adventure to the Repair Cafe with her customers.

“A good friendship doesn’t change, even after a couple of years, you just pick up where you left off. ” 


Connie’s having a really bad day! She’s fallen out with her best friend and broken her friendship necklace. Armchair Adventures Travel Agency customer Kenny knows all about fixing broken things, so he decides it’s time to head to the Repair Cafe to get the necklace repaired.

A Friendship Fixing Adventure - Part 2

Against the odds, the gang help Connie to reach the Repair Cafe to find out if her favourite necklace can be repaired – as well as her friendship with her best friend.

“Friendships aren’t disposable. They need to be looked after and cared for. ” 


Connie is convinced she’s a terrible friend after falling out with her best friend Sura and smashing her friendship necklace. Joined by a gang of her customers from the Armchair Adventures Travel Agency, she’s on a mission to mend her necklace at the Repair Cafe, and figure out how to fix her friendship along the way. 

A Gardening Adventure

Get your gardening tools at the ready to help Uncle Chris with his growing woes in this episode of Armchair Adventures!

“Growing a garden takes time and careful planning! ” 


Uncle Chris has agreed to get the Armchair Adventures garden sorted for the VIP-packed summer BBQ, but he doesn’t know the first thing about gardening!

A Pride Adventure

It’s crafty chaos as Connie, Uncle Chris and the Armchair Adventures gang try to create cool costumes for Pride!

“If we all work together, we can have some amazing recycled outfits in no time!” 


Connie is busy crafting a float for the Pride parade and has tasked Uncle Chris with creating some fabulous recycled costumes, fast!