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15-year-old Connie lives with her mum and dad in a flat above their family run travel agents in Ashton. As a result of Covid-19, the business was in MAJOR trouble and on the brink of going bust, but when Connie reached out to their ‘amazing customers’, together they came up with an alternative approach to a traditional vacation…

Episode 1

Linda loves walking and exploring the great outdoors. However, due to lockdown restrictions and shielding her husband Linda’s not been able to get out as much recently. Join Linda as she takes Connie and her ‘lovely customers’ on an Armchair Adventure to magical treetop walk.

Episode 2

Lynda (with a y!) is a caregiver and has been helping older people during lockdown. Connie reckons she’s a hero, but Lynda isn’t convinced. So Connie takes Lynda and the rest of her lovely customers on an Armchair Adventure to an underground superhero hideout to find out what really being a hero is all about.

Episode 3

It’s a new year and Carla’s after a change of scenery. She’s always fancied seeing the beautiful northern lights. So she turns to Connie and her gang to help her to float away on an adventure of the imagination!

Join Carla, Connie and her lovely customers on a bubble-filled Armchair Adventure to one of the world’s most stunning wonders. Just be careful not to pop your bubble!

Episode 4

Jean tells us all about her favourite hobby – drawing! She really misses her whole family, but lockdown has helped her reignite her passion for art. But when Jean suggests that the next adventure should be drawing themed, Connie is a little sceptical. She’s a little worried because she’s not the best artist, but being the good sport she is, she agrees to give it a try.

Episode 5

Connie loves the thought of appearing on stage, her name in lights, dancing and singing to loads of adoring fans. So in this episode, after dreaming of Broadway, the West End, Paris, and Las Vegas, Connie whisks you and her fellow explorers away on a journey you’ll never forget to A Showbiz Wonderland. It’s a magical place where everyone can be the star of the show, including you!

Episode 6

Go on a music festival adventure with Connie and the gang.

“This is amazing! I can’t wait to see it all!”
If we said live music, food trucks, flower headbands and face paints what’s the first thing you’d think of? That’s right, in this episode you’re going to a music festival with Connie and the gang on a music-filled Armchair Adventure!

Episode 7

Connie isn’t thrilled that one of her explorers Ronny wants to visit a football match. How BORING! But after a few chants and a pep talk, it all ends in a trip to one of the most famous football stadiums in the world! Join Ronny and his favourite club Ashton United on an Armchair Adventure to Wembley!

Episode 8

Join Connie & her armed forces veterans gang on an Adventure to royal garden party with the Queen!

“…up ahead is Buckingham Palace”
With a bunch of armed forces veterans, Connie takes you on an adventure through air, land and sea to try and make it to a royal garden party!  But the gang haven’t got tickets – can they sneak in? Will the Queen find out?

Bonus Episode 1

While we’re busy creating the next series of Armchair Adventures, we thought we’d release some bonus episodes for you to enjoy over the summer!

First up, we’re rewinding back to the start, to Linda’s Treetop Adventure in episode 1. If you remember, while exploring the world from up high, we meet a beautiful bird. This was represented by the flute and in this bonus episode we meet the wonderful musician behind it – Amina!

“The music in Armchair Adventures is so important. It really helps set your imagination free!”

You’ll learn how Amina became a professional musician, how she made the music to represent the bird and some top tips for any young musicians out there!

Bonus Episode 2

For this episode, we’ve revisited Jean’s Artistic Adventure, where we also launched our drawing competition!

The episode featured a wonderful seaside landscape, until Connie and the gang got into some tricky waters! The clarinet represented the sound of the Jean and the rest of the customers drawing their adventure, played by  the wonderful Hannah!

In this bonus episode, you’ll learn a bit more about the clarinet, how to play it, and how Hannah made the music for this Armchair Adventure.