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The Launch Of Hidden

Me: Is Richard’s story unusual do you think? Nicola (laughs): I think we are all a lot like Richard at the moment. Yesterday we launched our ‘Hidden’ programme. ‘Hidden’ is

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The People Behind Armchair Adventures

‘Armchair Adventures’ is inspired by older peoples’ passions, interests and experience. Everyone’s experience has been clouded by coronavirus for months now and most people have missed out on a proper

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Armchair Adventures Launch

“On an Armchair Adventure you can go anywhere you like, on an Armchair Adventure imaginations fly!” …and fly they did when last week, more than 1000 school children got together

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Learning in Lockdown

Learning in Lockdown has presented opportunities to develop new skills and realise new opportunities. This opening statement is true for us as an organisation and for the people we serve. We

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Be More Coproduction

This blog is about Made By Mortals approach to coproduction and how it has been informed by the ‘Be More Pirate’ movement.  When you hear a word that you’ve heard before

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Armchair Adventures interactive podcast

Creative podcast project launching across Manchester to help socially isolated people during lockdown. A creative lockdown music and arts project is launching to help people across Manchester who are feeling

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The Hidden project

Safeguarding teams in Oldham team up with a musical theatre duo to encourage people to ‘walk in another’s shoes’ Oldham Council’s Safeguarding team has teamed up with CIC Made by

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Made by Mortals awarded £60,000 to support older people and children during the COVID-19 crisis. Manchester-based CIC Made by Mortals has been awarded just over £60,000 funding from two national funding

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