Catch Up on Armchair Adventures Podcast Series 2

A Unity Adventure

“We have to sing together in one voice before real change can happen.”

You’re on a quest to find the true meaning of equality in the first Armchair Adventure of Series 2! You zip back in time with Connie and the explorers to visit a bunch of awesome humans who stood up for people’s rights. Like Dr Martin Luther King Jnr, Nelson Mandela and ladies from the 1961 space race.
Will Connie believe that she can make a difference? You’ll have to listen to find out!

An Underwater Adventure

“Don’t forget your flippers!”

It’s Connie’s turn to choose the adventure this time and she just wants to get away from it all! So the gang suggest a trip to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef!

But will Connie feel better after her underwater adventure with you? You’ll have to listen to find out!

A Compost Adventure

“In nature nothing is wasted. Everything is recycled.”

Time to save the planet again and we need your help! You’ll shrink to the size of a beetle along with Connie and the gang, then you explore Hazel’s summer garden. There’s snail rides, ant piggybacks and flying with bumblebees! Wow! The world is so different when you’re teeny!

The Best Bits

Join Connie and the gang as they rewind through their top 5 Armchair Adventures moments

Over the Christmas break, Connie and the gang have been busy choosing their top five favourite ever Armchair Adventures moments and we’ve brought them all together into one lovely podcast for you to enjoy!

A Dancing Adventure

“It’s hard to feel down when you’re being a funky chicken with your friends!” Time to get your dancing shoes on adventurers!

It’s Pat’s turn to choose the adventure this time, and she is bored of being cooped up alone; she wants to get moving and grooving with her friends!

A Local History Adventure

Have you ever wondered what the place where you live was like in the olden days??

“It’s important to know the past, so that we can learn for the future.” Have you ever wondered what the place where you live was like in the olden days?? Let’s hop on John’s MAGICAL time traveling canal boat to find out more! All aboard! “It’s important to know the past, so that we can learn for the future.”

A Cruise Ship Adventure

Connie has been feeling a bit tired recently, so Cyril suggests we all go blow off some steam on a Cruise Ship adventure. TOOT TOOT! All aboard!

There are plenty of magical surprises in store. Join the Captain for a delicious banquet and run away from pirates…have you ever seen an octopus fold laundry!?

Bonus Episode - Meet Uncle Chris!

“While we’re creating new episodes for series 3 of Armchair Adventures, I’ve asked Uncle Chris and my lovely customers to do some drama workshops in schools based on some of our previous episodes!”

Have you ever heard of the alphabet game? Or used your imagination to create your own magical mini-beast?

Bonus Episode - Uncle Chris Goes Cruising!

Connie’s Uncle Chris is back!  Uncle Chris spends lots of his time going around schools and communities playing drama games and creating shows!

In this bonus episode, Uncle Chris and the gang head over to Arlies Primary School in Tameside to play lots of drama games based around our Cruise Ship adventure.

Bonus Episode - Guess The Guest!

“Right first of all we need some ‘Guess The Guest’ gameshow music!” In this bonus episode, the last one before we start series 3, Connie checks in with Uncle Chris and the gang to find out what they’ve been unto on their summer holidays. The launch of series 3 is just around the corner and everyone at Armchair Adventures HQ is super excited, especially when Connie reveals that we’ll have a very special guest! Fingers on buzzers, because it’s time to play Guess The Guest! Adventurer, can you work out who our mystery VIP will be?