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“Armchair Adventures Travel Agency….Mission….Series 4!!”

Connie, Uncle Chris and the Armchair Adventures gang are back with a brand new series full of action packed, imagination fuelled, join in at home adventures.

They’re perfect for long car journeys, rainy day activities or bedtime stories!

Join Connie and the Armchair Adventures gang as they give you a sneak peak of what’s in store for series 4…

We are an Award-winning Podcast

Are you looking for a screen free alternative to entertain your kids?  Or maybe a bedtime story with a difference? Or perhaps you’re after something to help pass the time on those long car journeys?

We know how challenging it can be to keep your little ones entertained. So we’ve brought our community of Nannas and Granpas together to help you provide a fun, educational and interactive experience for your kids!

Armchair Adventures is a fun-packed, adventure-filled podcast for kids aged 6-10. In each episode you can act, sing and move-along as you embark on a brand-new adventure. You’ll visit magical places, meet extraordinary people and understand the world around you a little better.

Your little one can also become an official member of the Armchair Adventures Fan Club and gain access to a whole load of activities and Adventurer swag to keep them entertained for hours!

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Hey Adventurer! You now get double the Armchair Adventures fun with each adventure split into two parts and released on the first and third Thursday of each month!

A Shakespeare Adventure - Part 2

Uncle Chris and his community theatre company are on the run from some vicious guards in Elizabethan England!

‘What on earth do you think you’re doing here? How dare you interrupt my play…’


A Shakespeare Adventure - Part 1

Connie needs help with her Shakespeare essay, so she asks Uncle Chris and his community theatre company to lend her a hand!

‘It feels quite royal in here, almost like we are at the Tudor court…’


A Grammy Awards Adventure

Welcome to the prestigious Armchair Adventures Grammy Awards, or AAGA’s for short, where Uncle Chris picks out his favourite musical moments from the episodes so far!


A Musical Extravaganza Adventure - Part3

n the third part of this musical trio, Mrs Maestro’s rickety old bus has to go through some tricky and slightly bonkers terrain, including a long dark tunnel, a sticky and slimy swamp, and a wiggly windy road. With the whole orchestra safely onboard the bus, this final leg of the journey does some very peculiar things to the music.


A Musical Extravaganza Adventure - Part 2

The next stop is the string family from the ice cream parlour! Mrs Maestro’s journey to get the musicians in the orchestra to the super-duper concert on time continues. Mrs Maestro gets confused when it’s time to pay for all those delicious ice creams, and Connie and her customers come to her aid.


A Musical Extravaganza Adventure - Part 1

Meet Mrs Maestro- a local bus company owner and music super-fan. Join her, Connie, and Connie’s customers en route to pick up the musicians in an orchestra and get them to the super-duper concert on time.


A Girl Power Scrapbook Adventure - Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of our ‘Girl Power Scrapbook Adventure’, where Connie and her customers learn more about local inspirational women and their positive affirmations.

“‘Walk in my shoes, run in my wake”


A Girl Power Scrapbook Adventure - Part 1

“Girls are strong, and girls are clever, look out world ‘cos here we come!”


Connie is asked to sing at the local mayor’s inspirational women’s event but needs a little self-belief. So, her lovely customers take her on an adventure inside Ada’s Girl Power scrapbook!

A Now That's What I Call a Uncle Chris Christmas Adventure

Uncle Chris is hosting Christmas this year, so he and his community theatre company set out to make it the best Christmas day EVER!

“For the tastiest, tinselliest Christmas, Uncle Chris. You need Brussel sprouts!”



A Christmas Song Adventure

Connie decides to create a hit Christmas single with the help of the adventurers and special guest Ian from Blueprint Studios!

“There’s nothing like a festive song to lift your Christmas spirits! ” 


A Hindu Wedding Adventure - Part 2

Connie and her customers are in the vibrant land of Gujarat, India, where Connie and her fellow adventurers are immersed in the festivities of a traditional Hindu wedding!

“Traditions give the next generation an understanding of their cultural background.” 


A Hindu Wedding Adventure - Part 1

Connie has been invited to a Hindu wedding! To prepare for the big day, Connie and her lovely customers are off on another exciting Armchair Adventure to Gujarat in India ✨ 🇮🇳

“Gujaratis have many different rituals, traditions and ceremonies of our own!” 


A Top Of The Scary Movie Pops Adventure

Connie is making her own scary movie! So she’s set Uncle Chris and his local community theatre group a mission to collect the top ten ingredients she needs to make a super scary mooooovie!  🎥 👻

“Scary movies often start on a stormy night, with fog, rain, thunder, lightning, and strong winds lashing against the side of an old house high up on a hill for example!” 

A Digging Into The Past Adventure - Part 1

We are DIGGING series 4, as Connie takes a break from packing to explore an archaeological dig!

“Archaeology is a way to build connections between us and the people who came before us.”  ⛏️🏺🗺️

Welcome back adventurers to a BRAND NEW SERIES of Armchair Adventures! In this exciting first episode, Connie and her regular customers are joined by Dr Campbell Price, an Egyptologist from Manchester Museum!

A Digging Into The Past Adventure - Part 2

We are DIGGING series 4, as Connie takes a break from packing to explore an archaeological dig!

“Archaeology is a way to build connections between us and the people who came before us.”  ⛏️🏺🗺️

Welcome back adventurers to a BRAND NEW SERIES of Armchair Adventures! In this exciting first episode, Connie and her regular customers are joined by Dr Campbell Price, an Egyptologist from Manchester Museum!

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Armchair Adventures is an interactive story podcast for kids!

It’s about a teenager called Connie, who lives with her parents above their struggling, family-run travel agents. She has to find a way to save the business, so she reaches out to their ‘lovely customers’. Together they hatch a plan and invent a different way to take a holiday – using your imagination!

In each, sing and move-along episode, you join Connie and her plucky team of explorers as they take you on an Armchair Adventure. You’ll visit magical places and meet extraordinary people, from tackling the biggest obstacle course on earth or travelling the world on a magical bike, to visiting a superheroes secret lair or trekking on a extraordinary tree top walk!

Armchair Adventures is designed for kids to listen on their own, together with their family or with a group of friends. Our young adventurers say that Armchair Adventurers is perfect to listen to on long car journeys, as a bedtime story or for fun on rainy days.

…And now you can become an adventurer too with our Armchair Adventures Fan Club. We also have free activities and resources, an interactive art installation and an outreach programme for you to join in with – There are endless possibilities for your next adventure!

Armchair Adventures is produced by Made By Mortals.

We’re a not-for-profit participatory arts organisation from Greater Manchester. We create podcasts, films and music theatre shows that bring people’s experience to life. You can find out more about us here.

We started working on Armchair Adventures in March 2020 with our theatre group of over 60s. Like many people, our community was suffering from isolation and loneliness because of lockdown. So, we wanted to create something that could boost wellbeing, be fun, and be able to be enjoyed by all of the family. Most importantly we wanted to design an experience that could be loved by anyone, at any time. Armchair Adventures was our response.

Each episode features the ideas, stories and voices of our over 60s theatre group.

In total, over 60 local older people and 25 local musicians, scriptwriters, producers, designers, filmmakers and actors make each series.

We launched Armchair Adventures in September 2020 and the response has been so fantastic.

 To date we’ve
  • 200K+ listens worldwide.

  • Consistently ranked in the Top 10 children’s podcasts in the UK.

  • Charted No.1 across the world.

  • Bronze winners at the British Podcast Awards

  • Winners at the BBC Make A Difference Awards

  • Winners of the Digital City Awards

  • 1st in-flight kid’s podcast for Virgin Atlantic.

  • Available on all Yoto kids audio players internationally

  • Armchair Adventures workshops to over 10’000 children in the UK

  • Podcast Press: Podnews, Podbible, Podcasting Today.

  • Tabloid press: The Mirror; Daily Mail.

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