Let’s finish ‘A Friendship Fixing Adventure’!

Are you ready to rejoin our latest Armchair Adventure? Part Two of ‘A Friendship Fixing Adventure’ is out now!

We hope you enjoyed Part One of this episode of our join-in story podcast for kids earlier in the month. Connie was having a tough day after falling out with her best friend. They both broke their friendship necklaces and Connie was full of regret. Back at Armchair Adventures travel agency – where we specialise in journeys of the imagination – she shares what’s happened with customer Kenny.  He’s Mr. Make Do & Mend, he loves to repair things rather than send them to landfill, so he rounds up the rest of the Armchair Adventures gang for an adventure to the Repair Café where they can fix all sorts. They journeyed together through a magical park, until the rope bridge they needed to cross snapped… 😨

When we join the gang in Part Two, Kenny has been busy with his tool kit trying to get the bridge adventure ready again… but by the time he’s done, it’s not a bridge any more – it’s a rope swing! The gang swing across the river, supporting one another through the scary situation.

After a well deserved snack break, they reach the Repair Café and are greeted by Laura who works there!

Walter: This place is great!

Ada: Look at all these tools!

Laura: Those belong to the fixers. Anybody can bring in something that’s broken or no longer working, and the fixer will take a look, then show the owner how to repair it.

Connie: That’s brilliant.

Laura: It’s great, isn’t it? And when the things have been restored, they’re spared from going into landfill!

Connie: That’s great! What kind of things do they fix?

Laura: Everything! Toasters, vacuum cleaners, chairs, clothing, coffee machines…

Will Laura and the fixers be able to fix Connie’s necklace, and maybe even her friendship?

If you’ve got something that needs repairing like Connie and the gang, you can visit the Repair Café too! It takes place for free at the Boiler House in Moss Side on the last Saturday of each month, 10am-12pm.

This episode was funded by Recycle for Greater Manchester’s Community fund, support by Suez. ♻️

We’ll be back with a brand new bonus episode of Armchair Adventures on Thursday 6th July – see you then, adventurers!

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