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Our Podcasts for Kids Recommendations!

As the Armchair Adventures podcast takes a little break, we thought you and the kids might be in need of a few other family podcasts to keep you going until we’re back for series 2. Below are our top podcasts for kids recommendations that we think will keep your little ones busy and their imaginations whirring.

1. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

First in our top podcasts for kids, is Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. The podcast explores the lives of extraordinary women from Frida Kahlo to Greta Thunberg, encouraging little listeners to ask questions and explore their interests. It’s even narrated by real-life women who are pioneers, creators, champions and leaders. With new short episodes released every few days, they’re sure to keep you and your family busy throughout our break!

Listen here:

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2. Maddie’s Sound Explorers

This podcast is currently on a break (just like us!), but there’s loads of episodes to catch up on! Each episode explores a new sound of science and nature and keeps kids curious about the world. Using the sounds we learn about, Maddie makes a piece of music to play at the end of the episode.


Listen here:

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3. The Two Princes

A fantasy adventure storytelling podcast?! How exciting! Prince Rupert sets off on a quest to break a curse destroying his kingdom. But instead of finding monsters and facing giants, he meets Prince Amir – leader of a rival kingdom! But the only way to save the kingdoms is for the princes to team up, and maybe even follow their hearts.

Listen here:

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4. Homeschool History

Now that the homeschooling bubble has popped, we’ve actually been spending time enjoying learning again. And homeschool history by BBC Radio 4 gives us fun history lessons for all the family, presented by Horrible Histories’ Greg Jenner. Full of facts and jokes, the series brings to life a broad range of historical topics and makes learning enjoyable for everyone.

Listen here:

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5. The Story Pirates

Joining our podcasts for kids recommendations is The Story Pirates. They don’t steal gold, pillage villages, or claim land; they’re searching for a different kind of treasure: kids’ wildest, most imaginative stories. Each week, the crew aboard the Story Pirates’ ship—including world-class actors, comedians, improvisers and musicians—takes original stories from real kids around the country, and turns them into a podcast!


Listen here:

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6. Armchair Adventures

And of course, we couldn’t recommend podcasts for kids without mentioning our very own Armchair Adventures. It’s a podcast that takes you on a journey of the imagination through music, song and stories.


You’ll join Connie and her gang of explorers to visit the jungle, see the Northern lights, draw yourselves a seaside and even appear on stage in a showbiz wonderland! 

Listen here:

Let us know which of our podcasts for kids recommendations you end up trying with your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, cousins, siblings and any other little ones!
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