B.E.D.S – The Musical

Inspired by comedy musicals like ‘Avenue Q

or ‘Book Of Mormon’, ‘B.E.D.S – The Musical’ is not for the faint hearted!

It’s a comedy musical about mental health, and to make it we worked with long-term collaborators Headspace (Bolton) who provide a creative outlet for people that have experience of mental health illnesses.

‘B.E.D.S The Musical’ uses the co-creators experience of mental health illness and mental health stigma to tell the tale of Gary. Gary is “a straight talker, who tells it how it is,” and after some considerable misfortune finds himself jobless, without his partner and living back at his mums. Desperate to make sense of his situation, he goes on a mission to get diagnosed with a mental health condition and claim some of that ‘free money mad people get’. The people he meets along the way and the struggles they face, conflict with Gary’s past lifestyle and the Faustian temptations thrown into his path by the head of CRAPITA (the government backed agency contracted to decide benefit eligibility).

“Just because I swear ($*£t!) randomly
Just because I wash my hands ‘til they bleed
Or have 10 conversations about 50 different things in a minute
Just because I am the second coming of Christ
Just because I check my door 27 times
We’re all human just trying to make our way through life”

With some edgy script-writing, catchy songs and loads of laughs ‘B.E.D.S’ is one of our favourite ever shows.