Mrs Maestro

Directors of Made By Mortals, Paul & Andy first met while working on a project for acclaimed orchestra Manchester Camerata and have worked with them for many years since as a composer/theatre-maker duo. Back in 2018, they were commissioned by Camerata to write a new piece of theatre for children. The brief was to create a show that guided children through the instruments of the orchestra, involved the musicians in acting roles, and also explored themes of dementia (building on Camerata’s pioneering research in this area).
And so Mrs Maestro was born!

“In all my years of playing in family concerts I’ve never seen anything quite like this. It’s made me re-consider how I engage with audiences”

Naomi, Horn player.

Led by bus owner Mrs Maestro, played by Kerry Willison-Parry, the Camerata orchestra are on their way to the concert hall, stopping to collect musicians from the orchestra on the way. As the journey progresses it becomes clear that Mrs Maestro is getting a bit mixed up with what she must do, but with help of the musicians and the audience, can she get everyone to the super-duper concert on time?!

“This concert was exactly the kind of high quality, accessible experience we want to offer to families in areas that are underserved by classical and orchestral music”.
Jan Ford, Orchestras Live.