Perfectly Norman

‘Norman had always been perfectly normal. Until one day he grew a pair of wings!’

Perfectly Norman is a fantastic children’s book written by Tom Percival, who kindly gave us permission to create a stage adaptation. Our original plan for the project was to work with a composer, theatre-maker, set designer and a group of teenagers (many of whom have special educational needs), to create a new show inspired by the themes and ideas of the book and perform this to primary school aged children. 


“We’re constantly looking at other people’s lives and looks and when we don’t match those we feel pressure to hide our identities.”
Year 8 pupil.
Perfectly Norman is a poignant and uplifting story about individuality, self-acceptance and being yourself.

So, supported by our friends at the Love Music Trust and Crewe Lyceum Theatre, we embarked on a 12-week project devising the material for our new production…then you know what happened!

COVID wouldn’t stop us though and we quickly adapted the project to be delivered using video technology. We composed songs, continued writing the script and most importantly had buckets of fun making it! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to present it on stage, but we hope to revisit ‘Perfectly Norman’ at some point in the future.

“What you do is fantastic! I never thought this would be possible using digital platforms!”
Laura Armitage, Springfield School