The Anti-Loneliness League

The anti-loneliness league is a music theatre show and workshop created with The Johnny Barlow Theatre Company. The group, many of whom have mental health illnesses and/or learning difficulties, used their lived experience of the topic to create the story of a team of vigilantes who come together to combat loneliness in their community.

The show addresses a serious issue with humour, compassion and sensitivity. During the performance you meet the characters, including ‘Star’, ‘Kitty Kat’, ‘Steel’ and ‘Brave Balls’ and learn about their own reasons behind joining the anti-loneliness league. These are presented as short scenes, monologues and film (2 of which you can see below), with each protagonist basing their story on their own real-life experience of loneliness.

‘Café’ – Part of the Anti-Loneliness League

‘Cake’ – Part of the Anti-Loneliness League’ 

The Anti-Loneliness league has been performed in theatres, sheltered housing units and for many NHS conferences throughout Greater Manchester.
Will you join the anti-loneliness league?
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