Armchair Adventures Season 1 Round Up

We’ve reached the end of Armchair Adventures season 1, so we’ve put together a series roundup of all the podcast adventures we’ve been on in the last 8 episodes. Let us know on socials which was your favourite!

Linda’s Treetop Adventure

We began our first adventure with Linda! She loves to explore the great outdoors and ramble around her local area, but as her partner was shielding at the time, even going out on her long walks has become a struggle. So Connie organsies a big tree top climbing adventure for Linda and all the gang.

Lynda’s Superhero Adventure

In episode 2 we met another Lynda – Lynda with a y! A few weeks before the first lockdown began, Lynda started work as a caregiver. She goes around houses, helping older people keep their independence by making food, doing bits of shopping or even just having a chat and a brew. Connie wants to show Lynda that she is a real life superhero so they visit an underground hideout and start practicing their powers.

Carla’s Bubble Adventure

Episode 3 returned after Christmas, when others would find the cold weather a little dull and miserable. Not Carla though! Carla loves the frosty mornings in Northern England but after almost a year stuck indoors, she could really do with a change of scenery. But that’s not the only thing that changes in this episode. For the first time, it seems to be Connie who’s in need of some help – not just her customers.

Jean’s Artistic Adventure

In Episode 4 of Armchair Adventures, Jean tells us all about her favourite hobby – drawing! She really misses her whole family, but lockdown has helped her reignite her passion for art. She’s been drawing loads of pictures of her granddaughter, which has really helped with missing her. Connie’s a little worried about a drawing adventure because she’s not the best artist, but being the good sport she is, she agrees to give it a try. This episode also saw the release of our drawing competition – won by Emma Fielding who you’ll hear on a future episode.

A Showbiz Adventure

We met some new faces in the fifth instalment of Armchair Adventures, ‘A Showbiz Adventure’. We hear that Connie’s parents’ travel agents were supposed to be booking the company on a tour with their latest show, but because of coronavirus, the show was cancelled. It was going to be performed at schools, assisted living homes and community centres and they were really looking forward to it. Connie doesn’t like to see anyone disappointed. So she surprises the group with their very own Armchair Adventure, to a showbiz wonderland!

Go Where The Music Takes You!

For episode 6, we adventured somewhere that some of you may have been to before. If we said live music, food trucks, flower headbands and face paints what’s the first thing you’d think of? That’s right, a festival with Armchair Adventures. Keith has dug his old banjo out of the loft and has been practising. Together, they come up with the amazing idea of taking all Connie’s lovely customers to a music festival. Live music, big crowds and loads of dancing! 

Ronny’s Football Adventure

Episode 7 coincided with the reopening of stadiums in England. Connie isn’t thrilled that Ronny wants to visit a football match. How BORING! But after a few chants and a pep talk including the ‘hair dryer’ treatment, it all ends in a trip to Wembley to learn what it really means to be part of a team.

We made friends with the guys at Ashton United and got our lovely Rita to interview them. Watch that video here.

A Royal Garden Party Adventure

And finally, how else could we round off the season than with a big royal garden party! Our final episode of Armchair Adventures season 1 has a little bit of everything – new guests, plenty of fun and a big party in a fancy garden. Not just any garden mind you… in the gardens of Buckingham Palace!

It’s been a wonderful few months, using the power of our imaginations to visit the jungle, see the Northern lights, draw ourselves a seaside and even appear on stage in a showbiz wonderland. But all this adventuring is tough going, so we need a little rest. So Armchair Adventures season 1 is all done for now as we take a break from full episodes to get back our energy and recharge our imaginations. 

Don’t worry though, there’ll be loads of bonus content while we’re gone to keep you entertained!

That’s the end of Armchair Adventures season 1. We’ll be back in autumn with series 2.


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