A Unity Adventure

We are dead chuffed to be bringing you the first episode of season two of Armchair Adventures.

Hey Adventurers, after the success of season one we are back with a band, bringing you the first episode of season two of the epic Armchair Adventures!

Armchair Adventures is a kids podcast following Connie and her gang of plucky adventurers visiting magical places and meeting extraordinary people.

A lot has happened in the last year and episode one of season two perfectly encompasses some of the issues the world has been facing. This episode is dedicated to racial equality and encouraging everyone to come together to combat all forms of racism.

Listen to the latest episode of Armchair Adventures here

In this month’s episode of the Armchair Adventure’s podcast

We are joined by Pauline, Abi, Chris, Mandy, Celeste, Carrol and Britain’s Got Talent finalists 2018 the B positive choir, on their mission to sing for equality.

The group find themselves going time travelling through history to discover important figures who have all helped combat racism through their words and their actions.

We are going to take everyone on an African Diaspora History adventure to discover how racism is everyone’s problem, and we have to speak or sing together in one voice before real change can happen. 

This episode includes mention of symbolic figures such as Marcus Rashford, Dr Martin Luther King Jnr, Nelson Mandela, Jane Elliot and Jesse Owens.

Connie questions what she can do, what can a white schoolgirl from Ashton do to combat racism? Through the adventure, Connie learns that everyone’s voice matters and supports the rest of the gang in celebrating equality and singing about Unity.

Change doesn’t have to always be a big thing you know. Multiple small acts by ‘ordinary’ people make a big difference. If you only know 10 people, influence them, educate them, have a conversation with them, that’s how we can make real change happen.


Whilst listening to this podcast we want you to get involved, join in singing and dancing, we want you to use your imagination, let it run wild.

Can you help Connie and her crew to make a difference?

About Armchair Adventures

Armchair Adventures is a brand-new colourful, fictional and interactive podcast series about Connie and her gang of plucky explorers – and YOU can come along on the adventure too. 

It’s a podcast for families, kids and older people. In fact, the voices that you’ll hear in each episode belong to real over 55’s stuck in isolation, who are keen to experience the outside world through the power of imagination. 

Armchair Adventures was recently recommended by BBC Radio 4’s Podcast Hour and featured on Podcast Radio.

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