Let the Armchair Adventures begin…

Do you fancy a bit of fun? Turn that lockdown frown upside down? Well, we’re dead chuffed to bring you the first episode of ‘Armchair Adventures’. It’s a brand-new colourful, fictional and interactive podcast series about Connie and her gang of plucky explorers – and YOU can come along on the adventure too.

The voices that you’ll hear in each episode belong to real over 55’s stuck in isolation, who are dead keen to experience the outside world through the power of imagination.

But before we get cracking, shall we tell you how all this started? Well, 15-year-old Connie has found herself stuck at home as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. She lives with her mum and dad in a flat above their family run travel agents in Ashton in Tameside (near the big Ikea…near Manchester!). They specialise in holidays for the over 55’s, but with all of them cancelled, the business is in major trouble! Connie knows she has to do something or they could end up going bust! So, she reaches out to her amazing customers and together, they come up with an alternative approach to a traditional vacation. All it takes is a little bit of imagination. This is Armchair Adventures.

“We were supposed to be in Benidorm. But we ended up taking everyone on a safari in Africa.” 

In the first episode of the Armchair Adventures podcast (called ‘Linda’s Treetop Adventure!’), we’re joined by Linda. Her holiday to Lanzarote was cancelled due to Covid. Linda loves to explore the great outdoors and ramble around her local area, but as her partner has to shield, even going out on her long walks has become a struggle. She misses the wind in her hair, making her feel alive and free. But Connie thinks she can help. Joined by the rest of their lovely customers, Connie and Linda guide everyone on a magical interactive tree top adventure. Together, Connie, Linda and the customers discover the tastes, sounds and smells of the rainforest, all from the safety of their own living rooms. 

Get involved, come on!


When you’re listening to this podcast, we want you to really use your imagination and get your body moving. You’ll be pulling on your boots, swinging through trees and singing along while you hike through the jungle. You’ll visit magical places, meet extraordinary people and understand the world a little better as you embark on a journey of the imagination. Join Connie as she takes time to notice the beautiful things around her, even if you have to imagine them!

“A cathedral of branches joining arms in the sky.”

Don’t worry, you won’t be acting alone. Through the magic of the internet, in every episode of the Armchair Adventures podcast you’ll hear Connie’s amazing customers acting, dancing, singing and moving to the podcast. It doesn’t matter that they’re not there in person. You can still hear their voices and experience the adventure together!

“If Ronnie and me are doing it, anyone can have a go.”

Armchair Adventures is for children, teachers, imaginative older people, carers and activity coordinators. It is designed to bring people together, combat loneliness and improve wellbeing – helping people stay happy and healthy.  

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