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Final Armchair Adventures Live Online for series 1

Can you believe it’s been eight months since we launched Armchair Adventures?! We’ve been on a treetop adventure, a trip to the northern lights in our very own bubbles, a music festival, and many other wonderful places all through the power of our imaginations. 

And now, for the last episode of the series we are off to Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Garden Party with some very special guests – veterans of the armed forces!

To mark the end of the first series of Armchair Adventures and help you celebrate the end of a crazy year in/out of school, we have another Live Online event for you to join in with, and it’s totally FREE!

What is Armchair Adventures?

If you haven’t already heard, Armchair Adventures is a colourful, fictional and interactive podcast series about 15-year-old Connie and her gang of plucky explorers, created by a group of over 65s from our community. We’ve been featured on BBC Radio 4 and have had over 18,000 listeners! 

The story follows Connie, whose parents run a travel agency that’s been hit by coronavirus. With the help of her customers, she takes them on exciting fictional journeys of the imagination.

Each episode is inspired by a customer’s experience, knowledge and passions and expressed through drama, music and immersive sound design.

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What is the LIVE Online event?

The show is 45 minutes of non-stop music and drama for children led by a 15 year-old travel agent, a world class composer and a group of veterans of the Armed Forces. 

Using Zoom video conferencing technology the performers will interact with your class inviting them to act, sing, move and use their imaginations as we embark on an adventure to the Queen’s garden party together. 

You’ll meet royalty, dress to impress, drink tea from dainty tea cups and nibble posh pieces of cake.

Connie and her friends from the Army, Navy and RAF are off to the Queen’s garden party to discover what a life of service is all about. 

This event features Hannah Donelon, the actor who plays Connie working alongside Made By Mortals composer Andy Smith. 

What year group is it aimed at?

This event is aimed at Key Stage 2 children but also enjoyed by children in upper KS1. 

You’re in safe hands – we have delivered over 100 online creative workshops, ensuring sessions are fun, accessible and follow appropriate safeguarding procedures.

Lovely jubbly, when is it?

This event will take place on Wednesday 7th July from 2-2:45pm.

And…how much did you say it was?

Absolutely nothing. After all the best things in life do come for free…!

In fact, your adventures don’t have to stop at this event either as you can download an activity pack to take your class on their own Armchair Adventure. Download a pack here.

How do I sign up?

Booking your classes place on this event couldn’t be simpler, just click the Eventbrite link below, click the green ‘Register’ box and follow the on screen instructions.

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