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How to Overcome Stage Fright

In the latest episodes of our  Armchair Adventures podcasts you’ve heard Connie and the gang hit the festival and theatre stage.  But what happens if the thought of getting on stage fills you with the heebeegeebees? We want to help you, so we’ve asked the Made By Mortals  team and some of our buddies what tips they have to overcome stage fright!


You are going to enjoy your time in the spotlight ten times more if you’re with people who you actually like! Think of it more like, hanging out with your pals than performing to an audience.

 Andy Smith  our Artistic Director says that

‘Performing on stage is like having a massive party with all of your friends.  You can forget all of your troubles and just, sing, dance, play and celebrate together through the music.’


Yes, you want to put on a good performance. And yes, it might be a tiny bit embarrassing if you get something wrong. But, if you’re having fun, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. If the audience can see that you are enjoying every second, then they will too.

Danielle Palli from Birdland Media Works says that

“Performing on stage gives us the permission to ‘play,’ something we don’t do enough of aside from childhood. On stage, I can be anyone and do anything in a shared creative experience with others. To me, that’s magical.”


How many people can say they have performed on the stage where you stand?! Grab the opportunity with both hands and make it a memory to last a lifetime.

Like Vic, our Marketing lady did (you can just about make out her bright pink hair!), she adds,


 “I was so nervous to be stood on a little stage in front of all those people at the House of Commons. It’s such an historic place where the biggest decisions in the country are made! I couldn’t quite believe it – this 30 yr old Northern lass doing this. I’d also dyed my hair bright pink the day before so I could stand out – I thought why not this is probably my only opportunity to have pink hair in the Houses of Parliament. I think the nerves and adrenaline helped me through the day. To this day, I’m still not that comfortable on stage!”


It’s important to recognise that you will feel nervous before performing, it’s all part of the experience. Learn to breathe through the bursts of nerves, exhaling out the nervousness and replacing it with excitement.

This is what our Director Paul Hine did when he took part in a play at school. He told us how he overcame stage fright…


“This is me playing a Sun King in a twist on a school nativity play. My first ever part on the stage was a Hedgehog aged 4. I’d like to say even then I was a true artist that suffered for my art. I’d love to say I lived with hedgehogs for several months in preparation for the role. In reality it involved me pretending to drink milk from a bowl and squint at the audience dressed in one of my Granny’s old blankets. I can’t remember whether I was nervous or not but I remember the round of applause at the end. My top tip for controlling nerves is to remember to breathe and be prepared to show/share your vulnerability.” – Paul Hine

What’s helped you overcome stage fright?

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