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A Trip to Wembley for Armchair Adventures

In the latest podcast episode, Connie isn’t thrilled that Ronny wants to visit a football match. How BORING! But after a few chants and a pep talk including the ‘hair dryer’ treatment, it all ends in a trip to Wembley for Armchair Adventures and Ronny’s favorite club, Ashton United.

Here’s just a sneak preview of what’s to come in Episode 7 ‘Ronny’s Football Adventure’ of Armchair Adventures…

Soon enough (5 days and counting, all going to plan…) in England we will be allowed back in stadiums. And our Adventurer Ronny cannot wait. He is the biggest Ashton United fan we could find, he’s even the club’s president and wants to teach Connie all about the game. Connie’s experience of football so far has just been that it makes her dad grumpy so she isn’t overly thrilled. But if Ronny wants to take Ashton United to Wembley, then she certainly isn’t going to stop him.

One of our adventurers, Ronny, at Ashton United Football Club in his Ashton United shirt

Connie: I can’t stand team sports myself, especially football. The competition, the pressure. It’s not for me.

As any Ashton United fan will tell you, winning the FA cup is the big dream. But Ronny believes that football is about more than that. During lockdown, the club helped out in the local community. They compiled care packages, helped with shopping and even did prescription runs for those who were isolated in the community. This is what Ronny loves most about the game.

Food bank set up by Ashton United during lockdown. 3 people are under an Ashton United tent, with food parcels for vulnerable people.

Lynda: Football is so much more than chasing a ball around you know.

Linda: It’s an opportunity to be part of something bigger!

It doesn’t take Connie long to get into it and soon enough she’s joining in with all the songs and chants. Will Connie become Ashton United’s Number 1 supporter and take over Ronny as the President. And can Ashton beat The Rivals FC in the final at Wembley?

 Find out on the latest Armchair Adventure, listen below:

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