Made By Mortals ‘Hidden’ Wins Best Audio at MPA Awards 2023

In the heart of Manchester’s vibrant creative community, our Hidden Audio has emerged victorious, claiming the prestigious Best Audio award at the 11th MPA Inspiration Awards 2023.

‘Hidden’ is not merely a series of audio productions; it’s a transformative experience that challenges listeners to step into the shoes of others and confront the profound realities of health and social issues. Through a fusion of immersive audio, film, and live theatre productions, ‘Hidden’ brings to life the untold stories of individuals grappling with issues like dementia, mental health challenges, financial exploitation, and domestic abuse.

What sets ‘Hidden’ apart is its collaborative ethos. Each episode is a result of co-production involving professional artists, research partners, healthcare and social care experts, and individuals who have lived through these challenging experiences. Together, they harness their creativity, knowledge, and imaginations to craft fictional narratives inspired by real-life struggles, fostering a profound sense of empathy and understanding.

Made By Mortals doesn’t stop at creating compelling audio narratives; it uses ‘Hidden’ as a catalyst for change. The project sparks crucial conversations by engaging individuals with lived experiences in discussions that are later distilled into ‘additional audio’ packages. These supplementary materials provide deeper insights into the real-world situations faced by communities, making ‘Hidden’ a tool for empathy, education, and advocacy.

The 11th MPA Inspiration Awards held last night saw over 250 luminaries from Manchester’s creative sector converging to celebrate excellence. The core values of the MPA Awards—Collaboration and Celebration—mirror the spirit of ‘Hidden.’ In a city known for its vibrant attitude, style, and personality, the MPA recognizes and applauds endeavors that bring people together and drive positive change.

Made By Mortals’ triumph at the MPA Awards 2023 is more than just an accolade; it’s a testament to the power of storytelling, collaboration, and the potential for creative endeavors to bring about meaningful change. ‘Hidden’ not only immerses listeners in captivating audio experiences but serves as a catalyst for empathy, understanding, and positive action. 

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