Top of the Spooky Pops Adventure Out Now!

In this Halloween special of our kids podcast, Uncle Chris’s community theatre group join forces to help gather the top ten ingredients for a super scary movie.

However, as they discuss these ingredients, strange occurrences begin to unfold!

The theatre group welcomes Harriet Howling, a new member who seems a bit nervous and itchy! As they play a drama name game, Harriet’s scratching and howling capture everyone’s attention. 👀 Could she be a werewolf?

Meanwhile, Chris (Not Uncle Chris, another Chris!) arrives late, claiming he’s been bitten, and the podcast is interrupted by breaking news about a large, dangerous dog that has escaped! Oh no! 😱

The kids podcast continues with discussions on the top ten ingredients for a scary movie, including setting the scene, spooky weather, strange noises, fake blood recipes, shadows, potions, spells, rituals, characters, and dramatic deaths. 👻

“The strange noises in scary movies often come from the basement…and then some idiot goes to investigate. Why do the people in scary movies always do that? If I heard a scary noise I’d hide, or stay in bed, or better still leave the house and never come back.” – Gary

Uncle Chris blows a fuse, so he and the other Chris venture into the basement to fix it. What will they find?

You’ll have to tune in to our kids podcast to find out adventurers! 🎃

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