PART TWO IS OUT NOW! A Digging Into The Past Adventure – Part 2

In part two of the Digging Into The Past Adventure, Walter takes us on a journey through time and space with the help of an extraordinary guest adventurer, Campbell Price, an Egyptologist from the Manchester Museum!

Connie and her team of adventurers shoot off into space after Walter and Campbell tell them all about Space archaeology! Which Archaeologists use to gain new perspectives on historical sites. 

As they soar through the stars, the adventurers share their thoughts on the future!

“Pauline:       Do you know when I was a little girl, 2023 sounded like the future. I thought space travel would be normal by now. 

Pat:            Me too. I imagined that we’d be popping into space for our holidays. 

Ronnie:        Picnics on the moon!”

Floating away, the gang think about the passage of time, and how it can be a good thing! They spot the evolution of a Roman road in Manchester, which connects ancient times to the present!

They compare Connie’s upcoming house move and the excitement and nervousness of starting high school!

The adventurers share their coping strategies for dealing with anxiety and the uncertainties of new experiences, showing Connie that she should focus on the positives and embrace the adventure of the unknown as they cascade down shooting stars! 💫

Can you help Connies friends make her feel better about moving?


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