Made By Mortals Impact Report: Bringing Lived Experience to Life (Nov ’22 – Oct’ 23)

Empowering Communities Through Creative Expression

From November 2022 to October 2023, Made By Mortals continued its mission of “Bringing Lived Experience to Life” through various mediums, including audio stories, film, theatre, music, and interactive workshops. The impact report for this period showcases the significant strides made in fostering community engagement, supporting research initiatives, and providing innovative training solutions in the health and care sector.

Key Achievements

Workshops and Events:

  • Number of workshops and events: 110
  • People worked with: 3297
  • Engagements: 4237
  • Community participants: 1492

Artistic Productions:

  • Podcasts/Audio Stories: 24
  • Films: 2
  • Live Shows: 16

Community Engagement:

  • Core Groups (Over 60s and Community Adults): 38 people, 940 attends
  • Underrepresented Communities: We worked with individuals with learning disabilities, people with autism, people with South Asian heritage, armed forces veterans, parents with children having respiratory difficulties, young people with mental health experiences, and adults facing mental health and domestic abuse challenges.
Impact Report Summary

“I felt part of something bigger than myself, and that made me feel good about myself.” 

Katie, 40, Community Participant

Research Impact:

Made By Mortals played a pivotal role in making research inclusive and accessible. Recognised with The Royal Society of Public Health Awards 2022 and Manchester Publicity Association Awards 2023, the organisation collaborated with esteemed partners such as Lancaster University, Manchester City Council, and more.

Participatory Arts in Health and Care Research (PAIR):

The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) invested £125,000 in PAIR, a project aiming to make health and social care research more accessible for underrepresented communities.

Training Initiatives:

Made By Mortals utilised immersive arts approaches in training sessions for health and care professionals, ensuring a creative and interactive alternative to traditional methods. Partnerships with institutions like Macintyre and Kings College London facilitated impactful training experiences.

Artistic Productions supporting Health and Care Research:

  • Adam’s Story: Explored mental health transitions with 386 in-person engagements and 276 digital audience.
  • Domestic Abuse Work: Keri’s Story, Sadiqa’s Story, EGGSHELLS – Reached 76 in-person and over 443,000 digital views.
  • Joanna’s Story: Tackled digital exclusion with 46 in-person engagements.
  • Jasper Pickles Climbs Everest!: Promoted person-centred care.

Armchair Adventures:

A children’s podcast by older participants won awards, engaged 880 children in person, and reached a global audience, emphasising themes like LGBTQ, mental health awareness, and friendship.

Presentations and Talks:

Made By Mortals believes in sharing knowledge and reached 563 individuals through 17 events, spreading awareness of their innovative approach.

Recognition and Achievements:

  • Joined GMCA Cultural Portfolio.
  • Supporting GM Creative Health strategy.
  • Trademarked Made by Mortals and Armchair Adventures in the UK.

In Conclusion:

The Made By Mortals Impact Report for November 2022 to October 2023 highlights the organisation’s commitment to inclusivity, creativity, and community empowerment. Through diverse artistic productions, impactful research collaborations, and pioneering training initiatives, Made By Mortals continues to make a significant difference in the lives of individuals and communities, promoting a healthier and more informed society.

You can read the full Impact report here. 



If you would like further information on how to get involved with Made by Mortals please get in touch.

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