armchair adventures girl power scrapbook adventure part 2

A Girl Power Scrapbook Armchair Adventure – Part 2

In Part 2, Connie and her customers have been scanned into the online version of Ada’s Girl Power scrapbook!  This join-in story podcast takes us on an imaginative journey, where we meet the inspirational women of Adas (one of Connie’s customers) ‘Girl Power’ Scrapbook.

Connie preparing for the local Mayor’s Inspirational Women event, where she’s expected to sing an inspirational song. However, she needs some confidence and turns to Ada’s scrapbook for help.

Recap from Part 1:
In the first part, Connie introduced us to remarkable women like Ada Summers, the first justice of the peace of Stalybridge, and Stacey Copeland, a pro footballer and boxer. These women came to life in pictures, sharing their empowering stories. Ada’s affirmations become tools for boosting spirits and navigating through the digital world inside the scrapbook.

Digitisation Dilemma!

While inside the scrapbook, Connie and the adventurers get unexpectedly scanned into the digital realm! The digital world turns out to be full of surprises!

Encountering Inspirational Women:

Within the digital scrapbook, adventurers meet diverse women such as Joan Kelley, a biologist; Vivian Westwood, a rebellious fashion designer; and Angela Raynor, a prominent Member of Parliament. Each encounter is accompanied by Ada’s empowering affirmations! 💪✨

armchair adventures girl power scrapbook adventure part 2

Steve:           ‘Walk in my shoes, run in my wake’

Keith:           ‘I am fearless – Infinitely brave!’  

Linda:           ‘Be proud of who you are’

Pauline:        ‘Rise to it, you’ll love it’

Connie:         ‘My brain is my superpower! No one can stand in my way’

Ada:             ‘It’s important to use my voice! I will be heard!’

The adventurers collect and share affirmations inspired by the women they meet. These positive declarations become a source of strength for Connie, fostering a belief in herself and encouraging the adventurers to overcome their own challenges!

As the gang faces being stuck in the digital world forever, they call upon their listeners for help. The episode becomes interactive as Connie asks the adventurers to contribute affirmations to aid their escape!

With the combined power of affirmations from all the adventurers, they successfully escape the digital world just in time for Connie’s event!

This adventure encourages little listeners to believe in themselves, speak up, and follow their dreams.

Behind the Scenes and Acknowledgments:

The podcast episode is a collaborative effort with Tameside Council, funded by Historic England’s ‘Know Your Neighbourhood’ fund. Special thanks to the Mayor of Tameside, Councillor Sharif, and Stacey Copeland for their contributions.

So, adventurers, are you ready to join Connie and the gang on their next Armchair Adventure? “A Girl Power Scrapbook Adventure” inspires young adventurers, reminding them that their voices matter and that they can achieve anything they set their minds to!

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Why not download our free Girl Power Adventure activity sheet. Something fun to do at home with the kids after listening to the episode!

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