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Bonus Episode – Armchair Adventures Kids Podcast

In this month’s BONUS episode of our kids podcast, we have some extra special guests!

Connie has enlisted the help of her Uncle Chris.

Uncle Chris is a drama teacher who loves to get people acting, playing and being creative! 🎭

So Connie sent him, with the rest of the gang, to Millbrook Primary School in Tameside.

“While we’re creating new episodes for series 3 of Armchair Adventures, I’ve asked Uncle Chris and my lovely customers to do some drama workshops in schools based on some of our previous episodes.”

Uncle Chris starts us off with the alphabet game! Have you ever played it adventurers?

All you have to do is wait for Uncle Chris to give you a letter of the alphabet, and you’ve got to turn into something beginning with that letter while using your voice to describe it!

Uncle Chris: Make something out of yourself, beginning with the letter P!

Child 1: I’m Peppa Pig! *oink oink*

Child 2: I’m a peach!

Child 3: I’m a pear!

Child 4: I’m a pineapple!

Linda: I’m a present!

Child 5: I’m a pea!

Child 6: I’m a poo!

The gang explain that this month’s workshop will be all about the Compost Adventure episode of our kids podcast.

Uncle Chris and the children of Millbrook Primary have lots of fun using their imaginations to shrink to the size of a beetle to explore a summer garden.

What fun drama games do you think they’ll play? Listen to the latest episode to find out!

Listen to Season 2 Episode 8 of the Armchair Adventures kids podcast, Compost Adventure Bonus Episode, here!

If you would like further information on how to take part please get in touch.
Listen to our podcast on our Armchair Adventures page or directly on our Audio Boom podcast page.

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