A roman invasion adventure armchair adventures kids podcast

A Roman Invasion Adventure – Armchair Adventures Kids Podcast

Welcome to another exciting episode of Armchair Adventures, a kids podcast of the imagination! In this episode, Connie is joined by Uncle Chris’s community theatre group, on a time-travelling quest to ancient Britain to learn more about the Romans.

Connie is tasked with writing a school play about the Roman Empire’s invasion of Britain, but she doesn’t know where to start researching. She decides to seek help from her Uncle Chris, a brilliant act-tor and ‘drama lama ding dong’. Uncle Chris is super excited to help and enlists his community theatre company to lend a hand!

The adventure begins in a Roman Amphitheatre! Uncle Chris explains the significance of Roman amphitheatres, their grand architecture, and the fierce gladiator battles that entertained the masses. The gang quickly realise that they have accidentally popped themselves in the emperor’s booth!

Uncle Chris decides to please the crowds and become Emperor for the day, and sets the ruling leaders a challenge!

A roman invasion adventure armchair adventures kids podcast

Unc. Chris: Oh I know what to do! Let’s pit ancient Rome against ancient Briton in a competition to impress…. fanfare, please…

Me! Emperor Unculius Christo-fius Nero the 1st. (to the crowd) ahem… welcome all my fellow subjects! Today Boudicca, British queen of the Iceni tribe and emperor Claudius of Rome will battle it out in a series of challenges for our entertainment!

The winner of which will help me, Emperor Unculius Christo-fius Nero the 1st, decide once and for all who deserves to rule ancient Briton!

The Uncle Chris-victus games commence, and Queen Boudicca and Claudius are pitted against each other with 4 challenges. 

From showcasing their culinary skills to rap battles, the leaders are really put to the test. But who will win? You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out!

This episode of Armchair Adventures combines history, drama, and interactive fun, making learning an engaging experience for kids. Uncle Chris and his friends gather all the facts needed for Connies play, thanks to this fun journey of the imagination! You can listen to the episode here. 

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About Armchair Adventures

Armchair Adventures is a multi-award-winning podcast for kids – aged 6-10. It’s super-fun, educational and interactive – meaning it’s packed with sing and move-along activities! 

Each episode is a new adventure of your imagination with Connie her gang of explorers – including you! Adventures include exploring a superhero lair, ballroom dancing and diving into a coral reef! Every episode also has an educational message for our mini adventurers like climate change, racial equality and recycling.


Armchair Adventures won Bronze at The British Podcast Awards 2022, has been profiled on BBC Radio 4’s Podcast Hour, in Podbible, featured on Podcast Radio, commended by HRH Prince William and is the first kids podcast available in-flight on all Virgin Atlantic flights!

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