A Eurovision Song Contest Adventure Part 2 Armchair Adventures Kids Podcast

A Eurovision Song Contest Part 2 – Armchair Adventures

In the second part of our “A Eurovision Song Contest Adventure,” Connie, the Head Travel Agent and Host of the Armchair Adventures Travel Agency, continues to guide her young listeners on a captivating journey of imagination. As they travel to lots of European destinations, Connie and her gang of adventurers explore all things Eurovision, discovering the unifying spirit behind this iconic song contest!

Beforehand, Connie and her companions had been learning lots about Eurovision on their whistlestop tour, courtesy of Uncle Chris and his magical tour bus. From Switzerland, the birthplace of the contest, where they learn about the significance of a snazzy costume, to Sweden, home to legendary Eurovision winners ABBA!

Their journey takes an unexpected turn when Connie receives a call from the UK’s Eurovision Selection Committee, inviting them to stand by as potential replacements for Olly Alexander, who has lost his voice. Despite initial apprehensions, Connie and her team rallied together, embracing the opportunity to share their passion for music on a global stage.

Next stop Austria! Connie is looking for inspiration to finish her song for the contest…

A Eurovision Song Contest Adventure Part 2 austria

Unc. Chris:    I’m hoping this might help give you some ideas for what your song could be about, Connie.    

The message of the Eurovision is one of unity, acceptance and diversity.

Austria’s winner in 2014 was Conchita Wurst. Conchita was a bearded drag queen, who sang a powerful opera pop song about accepting people as they are. 

Connie:          Sounds amazing! I really want to write about something I’m passionate about. 

The trip to Austria does the trick, and Connie has a great idea for the song, now to figure out what the costumes will be! What about funky tracksuits, all the colours of the rainbow? 🌈✨

Connie and the gang finally arrive at the song contest, all suited and booted for the show! But Olly Alexander has recovered his voice and can now perform, what will they do now?

Will Connie and the gang get to perform? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

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