A Musical Extravaganza Part 2 Armchair Adventures Kids Podcast

A Musical Extravaganza Part 2 – Kids Podcast

We’re back for part 2 of the Musical Extravaganza Adventure. In this kids podcast episode, Mrs Maestro continues her journey to pick up all the orchestra musicians for the super-duper concert. 🎻

The adventure resumes with Mrs. Maestro enlisting the help of the adventurers to remember the route for picking up the remaining orchestra members. Through a catchy song, they recall the sequence: first, the woodwind family from the park, then the strings from the ice cream parlour, followed by the brass from the Great Grand Palace, and finally, the percussion from the disco.🪩

As they make their way to each pickup location, the adventurers immerse themselves in the music, using hand gestures to represent elements of their surroundings, such as scooping ice cream and waving flags at the palace. However, amidst the excitement, they also notice moments of confusion and forgetfulness from Mrs Maestro, highlighting her challenges due to her dementia.

Mrs Maestro A Musical Extravaganza Adventure

Connie:         Like I said, Mrs Maestro’s memory is not what it once was. Sometimes she forgets. Sometimes she gets confused. Sometimes everyday tasks can become very challenging for her. (To Mrs Maestro) Mrs Maestro that’s all of the String family on the bus. It’s time to pay for all that ice cream now.

Mrs M:          Of course, it’ll be my pleasure; it was absolutely positively delicious! Just a mo, I’m just trying to work out my money.

Connie:         Don’t worry Mrs Maestro, let’s do it together. We’ll help you. Isn’t that right gang?

Despite encountering some hiccups, such as difficulties with payment at the ice cream parlour and Mrs Maestro’s moments of confusion, the adventurers remain supportive and understanding.

Finally, all the musicians are on the bus, but Connie realises the traffic will make them late! Mrs. Maestro reveals a secret back route that promises to bypass the traffic and get them to the concert on time!

Will they make it to the super-duper concert? You’ll have to listen to find out. 🤩

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