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Energy Saving Trust Funding: Armchair Adventures

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve received funding from the Energy Saving Trust Foundation’s Youth Climate Action Fund, partly funded by Airbnb. This two-year funding presents an exciting opportunity for us to collaborate with three local primary schools in Tameside to inspire children to tackle the climate emergency head-on!

Recognizing how daunting the challenges posed by the climate emergency can be, our objective is to ignite children’s curiosity and offer them some tools to help them enact positive changes in their communities and beyond. Our project will focus on the circular economy, teaching children about recycling, reducing food waste, opting for reusable products, minimizing plastic usage, and exploring alternative shopping methods.

 “Empowered by the Energy Saving Trust Foundation, we’re stepping up to the climate emergency challenge! We’re looking forward to creating Armchair Adventures that embed hope and inspire children to get involved.”

Paul, CEO of Made by Mortals

Through interactive workshops and engaging events featuring special guest appearances, we will work with the children to build these important themes into some new episodes of our children’s podcast, Armchair Adventures. These episodes can then offer inspiration and hope to all the children who listen to Armchair Adventures worldwide.

By being involved in this project, we hope the children we work with will gain the knowledge and confidence to engage with and even lead the way in tackling the climate emergency. We want to foster a sense of optimism for the future, grounded in the belief that positive change is within reach.

About Armchair Adventures

Armchair Adventures is a multi-award-winning podcast for kids – aged 6-10. It’s super-fun, educational and interactive – meaning it’s packed with sing and move-along activities! 

Each episode is a new adventure of your imagination with Connie her gang of explorers – including you! Adventures include exploring a superhero lair, ballroom dancing and diving into a coral reef! Every episode also has an educational message for our mini adventurers like climate change, racial equality and recycling.


Armchair Adventures won Bronze at The British Podcast Awards 2022, has been profiled on BBC Radio 4’s Podcast Hour, in Podbible, featured on Podcast Radio, commended by HRH Prince William and is the first kids podcast available in-flight on all Virgin Atlantic flights!

Listen to the latest episode here.

Or Listen to our podcast on our Armchair Adventures page.

If you would like further information on how to take part please get in touch.

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