A Eurovision Song Contest Adventure

A Eurovsion Song Contest Adventure Part 1

In this week’s episode of Armchair Adventures, Connie, our lead travel agent of the imagination, is preparing for her school’s Spring Song Contest. Uncle Chris decides she should take inspiration from the Eurovision Song Contest!

Kids at Connie’s school aren’t getting along, so her teacher has suggested a big song contest to bridge divides among her classmates! Connie seeks inspiration from none other than the Eurovision Song Contest, guided by her knowledgeable Uncle Chris and her enthusiastic group of adventurers.

The adventure kicks off with Connie and her fellow adventurers boarding a magical tour bus powered by the lyrics of 68 years of Eurovision songs! They fly through the sky to historic Eurovision destinations! First stop: Switzerland, the birthplace of Eurovision. Amidst snowy peaks and a vibrant market, they explore extravagant costumes that define the Eurovision style—a fabulous blend of flamboyance and self-expression. 

Next, the tour bus transports them to Sweden, home of the legendary ABBA. Welcomed by the pretty notes of a Nyckelharpa (the oldest instrument in the country!), they delve into Swedish culture, revelling in melodies and iconic landmarks like the ABBA Museum. Connie learns firsthand the power of music to unite people as she joins in singing with local buskers. 

A eurovision song contest adventure lily and connie

Busker 2:      Ok, I’ll sing the first line. And you follow what I do.

Connie:         Ok. 

Busker:         Let’s build a chain across the world

Connie:         Let’s build a chain across the world

 Busker 1:      Then this is the second line.

Busker:         Let’s bring together every boy and girl

Connie:         Let’s bring together every boy and girl

Their final stop lands them in London, celebrating the UK’s Eurovision triumphs with dance crazes like Bucks Fizz’s skirt-ripping routine. Inspired, Connie envisions a dance-off— but the fun is interrupted by a phone call. 

It isn’t only Elsa, Eurovision’s Head of the Selection Committee. She’s called Connie to ask her to understudy this year’s entry! Uncle Chris gives Elsa an immediate yes, much to Connie’s dismay. They still need to get a song ready! Will they pull together a showstopper on time?

You’ll have to listen to find out.

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