SERIES 4 OUT NOW! A Digging Into The Past Adventure – Part 1

Welcome back, adventurers! It’s the FIRST episode of Armchair Adventures’ Series 4! Join our Head Travel Agent, Connie, as she embarks on a unique journey with an extraordinary guest adventurer: Campbell Price, an Egyptologist from the Manchester Museum!

Connie is preparing to move house. Amidst the chaos of packing, she receives a call from Walter. She decides to connect with the other adventurers for a group chat to discuss her move!

During the chat, the customers liken Connie’s house move to when they left primary school to go to high school, and through this, Connie learns that the past is always there; she can always take her memories. Adventurers share fond memories of their primary school days. Connie rediscovers mementos from her past, triggering memories of sports days and school plays.

Adventurer: My favourite sports day memory was when my grandad tried doing the parents’ race!    

Adventurer: Winning a race with my best friend’s little brother…

Adventurer: When the hurdles fell over…

Adventurer: I love the egg and spoon race…

Adventurer: When me and my best friend won the sack race.

Walter is inspired by Connie digging around all her old belongings. He suggests an archaeological adventure to distract Connie from the stress of moving!

Everyone was expecting pyramids and camels, but they find themselves at a local construction site! 👷‍♂️

They are not disappointed for long, though! Campbell explains that archaeological digs are only sometimes in faraway places and that they can actually be very local! 

 The gang uncover items like a medal from World War I, a Roman sandal, and even Viking poop! Ewww.

 Wonder what you will find adventurers? ⛏️

 Get digging with the gang, and listen to our latest episode! 👉Click Here

About Armchair Adventures

Armchair Adventures is a multi-award-winning podcast for kids – aged 6-10. It’s super-fun, educational and interactive – meaning it’s packed with sing and move-along activities! 

Each episode is a new adventure of your imagination with Connie her gang of explorers – including you! Adventures include exploring a superhero lair, ballroom dancing and diving into a coral reef! Every episode also has an educational message for our mini adventurers like climate change, racial equality and recycling.


Armchair Adventures won Bronze at The British Podcast Awards 2022, has been profiled on BBC Radio 4’s Podcast Hour, in Podbible, featured on Podcast Radio, commended by HRH Prince William and is the first kids podcast available in-flight on all Virgin Atlantic flights!


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