Make a difference with our #RecycleChallenge Part 2!

Merry Christmas, lets get recycling!

Hey Adventurers!

Are you ready for your next 11 super exciting Recycling Challenges? If you missed part one of our #RecyclingChallenge, don’t worry they’re all in this helpful blog post here

We’re doing these challenges to tie in with the latest episode of our Armchair Adventures podcast where we go on ‘A Compost Adventure’  with Connie and the gang!

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Challenge Thirteen: Make a musical instrument out of recycled materials

We want to hear your musical skills, we challenge you to create your own recycled musical instrument. Maybe even start a band and get the whole family involved! 

Your musical instrument could be a shaker made from a plastic bottle filled with rice or a drum kit out of plastic boxes.

Find your inspiration here!

Challenge Fourteen: Make plant pots from yoghurt pots

We challenge you to turn your yoghurt pots into plant pots! 

Start collecting plant pots and you can bring new life into your garden. A great sustainable way to reuse your yoghurt pots! 

Watch a video on how-to here

Challenge Fifteen: Make a puzzle from greeting cards/ cereal boxes

Get lost in a puzzle! 

These are great ways to stimulate the brain and reuse household items! 

Find out more here.

Challenge Sixteen: Make recycled paper and bead christmas ornaments

For our Christmas Eve challenge, we invite you to join us in our #RecycleChallenge and get festive with your family making some paper and bead Christmas ornaments to display on Christmas Day! 🎄

Watch how to make them here

Challenge Seventeen: Make a recycled toy from leftover boxes

For our Christmas Day #RecycleChallenge, we challenge you to make a recycled toy from the leftover boxes and wrapping paper! 

You could create a den, a robot, a spaceship, or whatever you imagine!

Get some inspiration here 

Challenge Eighteen: Decopatch with leftover wrapping paper

For our Boxing Day #RecycleChallenge, we challenge you to decopatch with your leftover wrapping paper from Christmas day! 

Decopatching is where you decorate objects by gluing colourful paper to their surface. You could decorate some leftover boxes or anything that your Christmas presents came in with wrapping paper!

Challenge Nineteen: Make homemade Wind Chimes

We challenge you to create your own recycled homemade wind chime, a perfect way to make a garden decoration and spend time getting crafty with your family/ guardians! 

You can find out how to make your own wind chimes here

Challenge Twenty: Use your leftover wrapping paper and boxes to make a recycled toy

With the year coming to an end we want to give you another opportunity to make your own recycled toy! 

A perfect chance to create hours of memories and make the most of your household items! 

Get inspired by this month’s Armchair Adventure episode ‘A Compost Adventure’.

Challenge Twenty One: Write an acrostic poem using the word Recycle

Time to get thinking…

We want you to create an acrostic poem using the word Recycle. 

In an acrostic poem, the first letter of each line spells a word and the word is the subject of the poem.   

Send us your poems via our Twitter or Facebook we would love to share them!

Challenge Twenty Two: Set yourself 5 recycling goals for 2022

Set yourself five recycling goals for 2022 about how you can help recycle or compost in your household or in your community. 

Get inspiration for your recycling goals from December’s Armchair Adventure ‘A Compost Adventure‘. 

Challenge Twenty Three: Donate unused items

Out with the old and in with the new, we challenge you to donate objects you no longer use to support a local good cause! 

Find out more about recycling and composting in December’s Armchair Adventure ‘A Compost Adventure‘. 

If you haven’t already there is still plenty of time to take part in our #RecycleChallenge we can’t wait to see the difference you make in 2022! 

Don’t forget to share your creations with us by dropping us a message on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

We hope that like Hazel in ‘A Compost Adventure’ episode of the Armchair Adventure’s podcast you have learned that little people working together can achieve big things. By starting recycling and composting at home you can help make our planet greener and cleaner! 💚

About Armchair Adventures

Armchair Adventures is a brand-new colourful, fictional and interactive podcast series about Connie and her gang of plucky explorers – and YOU can come along on the adventure too. 

It’s a podcast for families, kids and older people. In fact, the voices that you’ll hear in each episode belong to real over 55’s stuck in isolation, who are keen to experience the outside world through the power of imagination. 

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