Title: A Local History Adventure. A cartoon character of a red headed girl wearing a yellow t-shirt is waving infront of a black and white picture of a working cotton mill

Local History Adventure! New episode of our Kids Podcast

Our BRAND NEW episode is out now, and we’re off on a local history adventure!

In this month’s episode of our kids podcast, John has been for a walk down the canals in his hometown of Ashton-under-Lyne, and he’s in a FAB mood.

John explains to Connie that he loves to look at all the local history. He tells Connie that the industrial revolution began in Manchester, so there’s so much to see on his walks, like cotton mills, waterwheels, the canals. Connie had no idea!

A red canal boat on water, it has sparkles coming out of its chimney and a cartoon duck sits on the water

“When your eyes are open to it, you can uncover such great stories. It’s important to know the past, so that we can learn for the future.”

So Connie and the gang head over to Portland Basin to meet John for their local history adventure. He has a surprise in store!

A Canal boat! Connie is very excited, but this isn’t any old canal boat.

Johns Canal boat can TRAVEL BACK IN TIME!

Where will they go? Who will they meet? Maybe one of the abandoned Cotton Mills will come back to life?

Pat: The clogs…

Anne: Horse-drawn barges…

Jean: And water changing colour…

Connie: Could it be…?

John: Finally, you’re cottoning on!

You’ll have to find out by listening to the latest episode, out now!

Listen to Season 2 Episode 6 of the Armchair Adventures kids podcast, A Local History Adventure, here!


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