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‘Eggshells’ Wins Semi-Finalist Award at Lonely Wolf International Film Festival

We’re thrilled to announce that on December 21st, ‘Eggshells’ achieved the prestigious semi-finalist title in the best drama category at the Lonely Wolf International Film Festival. This recognition marks a significant milestone for our short film, which delves into the crucial topic of domestic abuse in older adults.

Lonely Wolf International Film Festival: A New Wave in Virtual Cinema

In its third year of existence, Lonely Wolf International Film Festival has become synonymous with a revolutionary virtual film festival experience.

Lonely Wolf’s creator envisioned a festival combining the prestige and exposure of traditional film festivals with the efficiency and accessibility of online contests.

About ‘Eggshells’

Produced by Made By Mortals, ‘Eggshells’ is a poignant short film shedding light on domestic abuse in older adults. A collaboration between professional artists, health and social care partners, and courageous women who shared their lived experiences, the film is a powerful portrayal of the challenges faced by victims of abuse.

30 women with lived experience, 18 artists, 2 researchers, and 90 health and social care practitioners co-produced the film  through interactive workshops.

 ‘Eggshells’ explores the theme of walking on eggshells at home and the struggle to break the cycle of abuse. The film follows a woman on her challenging journey to freedom, each step over broken eggshells representing difficult memories of her partner.

Since its public release, the film has gained over 500,000 views on Youtube.

 “Working on the short film ‘Eggshells’ was a privilege as a filmmaker, I learnt a lot about coercive control in older couples and the devastation it has on women’s lives.

Before I started on the production, Made By Mortals had worked with a group of older women that had experienced tremendous suffering from men who had used coercive control to abuse them. The group developed the emotive idea of walking on eggshells because this is how a lot of the women felt when they were being abused. Real examples of abuses were discussed and provided for the film. These elements, along with the main character trying to escape, formed the main body of the film.”

Director and Editor of Eggshells, Gino Evans
Shot on location in Greater Manchester, the film used approximately 400 eggshells sourced sustainably from a local restaurant that generously contributed their used shells. ‘Eggshells’ is a compelling narrative that encourages dialogue and awareness around domestic abuse in older adults.

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