Christmas Special – Kids Podcast!

Connie, the Head Travel Agent at Armchair Adventures and Host, is ready to take you on a festive journey of the imagination! ✨❄️

In this Christmas special, Connie decides to create a hit Christmas single with the help of the adventurers! They discuss what they love about Christmas songs – from Santa’s presence to jingle bells and the excitement of receiving presents.🎅

The adventurers share their favourite Christmas songs, from disco vibes to classic tunes, setting the stage for a musical masterpiece.

Connie surprises everyone by revealing they’ll be recording at Blueprint Studios in Manchester! They meet Ian, a music producer at the studios, and Andy a composer. Ian tells the gang that Blueprint Studios is known for hosting big-name artists like Rihanna. Excitement levels are off the music charts! 🎶

Ian records and produces music with loads of cool artists! He’s amazing!

And Andy composes music, plays in bands and conducts orchestras, when it comes to music, you name it and he can do it!

I’m so excited gang; we are going to get the full studio experience! Even the popstar Rhianna has recorded there! You know, “you can stand under my umbrella ella ella…”

But here’s where the plot thickens – a sudden snowstorm is on the horizon! The adventurers, along with Connie and the studio team, need to race against time to create their Christmas single before the snow traps them there! The challenge is on, but with the help of Andy, the musical maestro, they embark on a songwriting adventure.

Andy guides them through creating a word bank filled with festive words and emotions. Together, they craft a catchy Christmas song filled with joy, laughter, and the festive spirit of the season. The excitement builds as they prepare to record their song. 🎶

However, when things are going smoothly, Ian rushes in with urgent news – the snowstorm is worsening! But fear not; the adventurers come up with a brilliant plan. Ronnie, one of the adventurers, reaches out to Santa, and guess what? Santa and his sleigh arrive just in time to save the day! 🦌

With the adventurers joining the studio team, including Santa himself, they create a fantastic Christmas single filled with festive vibes and even a surprise rap from Santa.🎅

The episode ends with a joyous snowball fight and the realization that even a snowstorm can’t dampen the holiday spirit.✨

So, gather the family, put on your favourite Christmas jumper, and prepare for a magical journey with Armchair Adventures. You might just discover the secret to creating the perfect Christmas hit! Until next time, Merry Christmas and happy Armchair Adventuring! 🎄

About Armchair Adventures

Armchair Adventures is a multi-award-winning podcast for kids – aged 6-10. It’s super-fun, educational and interactive – meaning it’s packed with sing and move-along activities! 

Each episode is a new adventure of your imagination with Connie her gang of explorers – including you! Adventures include exploring a superhero lair, ballroom dancing and diving into a coral reef! Every episode also has an educational message for our mini adventurers like climate change, racial equality and recycling.


Armchair Adventures won Bronze at The British Podcast Awards 2022, has been profiled on BBC Radio 4’s Podcast Hour, in Podbible, featured on Podcast Radio, commended by HRH Prince William and is the first kids podcast available in-flight on all Virgin Atlantic flights!

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