Armchair Adventures Bonus Episode

Armchair Adventures visit Arlies Primary School

In our latest Armchair Adventures BONUS episode, we visit Arlies Primary School in Tameside!

Uncle Chris, the drama teacher, is back! ✨

Uncle Chris spends lots of his time going around schools and communities, playing drama games and creating shows! 🎭

This Armchair Adventures episode begins with Connie and the gang reflecting on all the adventures we’ve been on in series 2. Then Uncle Chris then warms us all up by playing the alphabet game! Have you ever played it? You’ll have to listen to the episode to give it a go!

Armchair Adventures Arlies Primary School Workshop

Connie asks Uncle Chris and the gang to do some drama workshops in local primary schools whilst they’re busy making series 3!

Connie: So where have you been this time guys?
Anne: To Arlies Primary School, in Tameside
Connie: So what did you guys do there?
Uncle Chris: Draaaamaaaa!
Connie: I know THAT Uncle Chris
Hazel: We did a workshop based on the Cruise ship adventure in series 2!

The workshop was full of fun games; the kids used their imaginations to pack their suitcases for their Cruise Ship Adventure, and then we imagined what we would wear on the cruise ship!

We wrote ‘wish you were here’ postcards and even got to make a brand new verse to the sea shanty that features in the episode! 🎵

Ready to pack your suitcases guys? What would you take on a cruise ship adventure?🚢

Listen here!

About Armchair Adventures

Armchair Adventures is a brand-new colourful, fictional and interactive podcast series about Connie and her gang of plucky explorers – and YOU can come along on the adventure too. 

It’s a podcast for families, kids and older people. In fact, the voices that you’ll hear in each episode belong to real over 55’s stuck in isolation, who are keen to experience the outside world through the power of imagination. 

Armchair Adventures was recently recommended by BBC Radio 4’s Podcast Hour and featured on Podcast Radio.


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