Podcasts are a fabulous way to keep kids entertained and engaged, especially on long car journeys, rainy days, or before bed. Podcasts for kids can also be educational, helping them to learn about different topics in a fun and interactive way.

So we’ve listened to lots and lots of them and picked out five of our favourites that we’re sure your kids will absolutely love!

How to Listen 

Because we’re super helpful, we’ve included a link under each of our best podcasts for kid’s recommendations or simply search on the app where you usually listen to podcasts. We also have a nifty guide to listening to podcasts here.

Right, let’s get going, shall we?

Super Great Kids Stories

A collection of fun tales told by the best storytellers from across the world. There are stories to make you howl laughing, bring tears to your eyes or dream about faraway mystical lands. From familiar stories like ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’, to the intriguing ‘The Hairy Toe’ – ew! 🦶

We also love the super catchy, clappy theme tune and of course Kim, the brilliant Chief Storyteller. 

Here’s one of our favourite episodes of Super Great Kids Stories and a take on one of our favourite stories ever, The Enormous Turnip. There are some fabulous sound effects in this episode too!

Listen to all the episodes here

Dorktales Storytime

A storytime podcast not just for kids but us culture-loving parents too? Yes, please! And a talking hedgehog? Yes, yes, please!

Each episode is a different story, from reimagined fairytales and fables to true stories about the hidden heroes of history. Join the hosts Jonathan Cormur and Mr. Reginald T. Hedgehog, who take listeners on a storytelling journey of curiosity and acceptance.

We love Dorktales because it sounds fabulous, it has super storytelling and it helps our kids learn about important social-emotional concepts, such as empathy, kindness, and courage. It’s also a great way for kids to learn about different cultures and historical events.

Here’s one of our favourite episodes, ‘ Strudel and Gretel’, a Dorktales twist on Hansel and Gretal.🍭

Listen to all the episodes here

Animal Tales – The Kids’ Story Podcast

Do you have a little one obsessed with animals? Well, Animal Tales is the perfect podcast to pique their curiosity and keep them entertained – now that’s a winning combo for any parent!

Each episode is a different story written especially for the podcast and covers a huge range of animals, from jungle critters to farm animals to dinosaurs and mythical beasts.

What we love about Animal Tales is its gentle storytelling by the brilliant Josephine and also that we get a huge 3, new episodes a week. This means you don’t have to wait ages for new stories and there’s a massive back catalogue full of stories for your little animal lover. 

Here’s one of our favourite episodes about one of our favourite animals, the Koala. This is a story suggestion from one of their listeners from way over the other side of the world in Australia – how cool is that? 🐨

Listen to all the episodes here

Bust or Trust: A Kid’s Mystery Podcast

We love a good mystery, so Bust or Trust is right up our alley. So if you’re little one is a curious sleuth, we can’t recommend this podcast enough! We’re big fans because we’re fascinated about finding out about loads of different cultures and histories from across the world.

Bust or Trust gets to the bottom of some of the world’s most interesting mysteries, from Big Foot to the Lost City of Atlantis. Each case is brought to you by the brilliant hosts, “Myth Truster” Tiernan Douieb and “Myth Buster” Athena Kugblenu, who take you through each one.

It’s then up to you as Chief Detectives to decide if you bust the myth or trust it! There’s certainly some healthy debate in our house as we mull over the evidence and try to make our decisions. Did we mention there are lots of fun facts and silly jokes? You know we love a daft joke around here 🤪

Here’s one of our favourite episodes of Bust or Trust, on one of our favourite history subjects, Ancient Egypt. Let’s bust the or trust the myth around The Cursed Tombs – ooo spooky! 

Listen to all the episodes here

Armchair Adventures

Oh come on, you didn’t think we’d miss the opportunity to tell you about Armchair Adventures, did you? The Armchair Adventurers Travel agency, led by Chief Adventurer Connie, welcomes your little adventurer on a brand-new ‘adventure of the imagination’ in every episode. 

We’re all about helping kids learn new stuff and more about the world around them in a fun way, so each adventure is jam-packed full of join-in, original songs, movements and shout-out moments. We promise you’ll be humming our theme tune all day!

Join Connie and her gang of explorers to visit magical places, meet extraordinary people and learn about important stuff like climate change, history and diversity along the way. Not to mention Uncle Chris, who keeps us entertained with his terrible jokes!

Here’s one of our favourite episodes. Not only was it super fun to make, but we also learned so much about recycling our old clothes and celebrating pride and difference – we hope you love it too! 🧵🌈

Listen to all the episodes here 

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