Let’s finish The Biggest Obstacle Course On Earth Adventure!

Are you ready for the final instalment of The Biggest Obstacle Course On Earth Adventure? Join Connie and the gang as they take on some truly terrifying obstacles on a mission to help Connie find the joy in movement!

When we left Connie and the gang in Part One, they had just tumbled into a giant puddle of mud! As we rejoin the adventure they’re all getting washed down in the jet wash, ready to tackle the rest of the course!

They decide that the best tactic is to employ their imaginations to help them get round the course, working together as a team and having loads of fun in the process. They take on the giant leaping posts, deciding to hop along like giant frogs. Next up, it’s the monkey business bars!

Connie: Right team, I can just see the front runners up ahead. What shall we make happen this time to get us across and into the lead?

John R: We could have magic gloves!

Ronnie: Or pretend to be Tarzan! (Tarzan shout) Oooooh ohhh ohhhh!

Pat: We could be superheroes!

Pauline: Bagsy wonder woman!

Pat: I’ll be calamity Sue!

Kenny: Maybe there’s treasure at the end!

Keith: GOLD!

…But how will they fare when they’re faced with the final obstacle – the wall of doom?! Can imagination and teamwork manage to scale the enormous wall and finish the race? Take a listen and find out!

The Biggest Obstacle Course On Earth Adventure has been funded by Sport England Together Fund – supported by GreaterSport.

You can join in with more active fun from home, using our free activity sheet! Connie and Uncle Chris would like you to join in with The Biggest Obstacle Course On Earth at home with some super fun active activities. You can even design your very own obstacle course and share it with us via Facebook, Instagram or Email, adventurer. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Our next Armchair Adventure will be released on Thursday 4th May – see you then adventurer!

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