Celebrate National Poetry Day with Armchair Adventures!

Adventurers, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for… Armchair Adventures is BACK! That’s right – series three has officially landed, and Connie, Uncle Chris and the gang are ready to take you on a journey through lots of magical stories and imaginative ideas.

The fun starts today with A Poetry Adventure, coinciding with National Poetry Day here in the UK. We’ve even created a FREE poetry activity sheet for you to download from our website so you can write your own poem. We’d love to share your poems with our listeners around the world – please send them our way!

Connie has to write a poem for her English homework and she’s stuck! She’s not a poet, and doesn’t she just know it? Luckily her gang of intrepid and inventive customers are at hand to help, including Pauline who LOVES reading and writing poetry. Pauline decides that the best way to inspire Connie to write a brilliant poem is to take her on an adventure into poetry.

Pauline and the gang share their favourite poems, transporting us to their worlds. The amazingly alliterative Carnival Jumbie (by Trinidad born poet John Lyons) whisks us off to the carnival…

“Jumbie jump high

Jumbie jump low

Jumbie jumpin to calypso”

Whilst William Wordsworth’s ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ allows us to drift into a relaxing nature scene full of daffodils fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

On our Poetry Adventure, we learn lots of super fun poetry techniques to bring language to life! Pauline introduces us to onomatopoeia – where words sound like the noise they describe, like fizz or buzz!

With everything she’s learnt from Pauline and the gang, Connie has a go at writing her poem ‘Adventures’. She tries her hand at an acrostic poem, where you use the letters in a word to begin each line of a poem…

“A Armchairs at the ready
D Deciding where to go
V Venture to foreign places
Even be a superhero!
Turn across the floor
Underwater exploring
Reef conservation and more!
Everybody’s welcome
So we’ll.. see you… soon?”

…But is it good enough to transport her home from the land of poems? Listen here and find out.

Don’t forget that you now get two Armchair Adventures episodes per month, so tune in to A Poetry Adventure Part 2 on Thursday 20th October.

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