MADE BY MORTALS – People-powered music theatre exploring the challenges of our times.

We make heartwarming thought-provoking music theatre exploring the health and societal concerns of our times. We do this through creative collaborations between professional music theatre makers and community participants with a diverse range of lived experience.  

Our work is rooted in working class experience and created in northern towns on the outskirts of big cities. Through our work we help our participants become extraordinary performers, artists and real world provocateurs. We challenge preconceptions of what music theatre is and who/what it is for by taking it to audiences in care homes; small theatre venues; schools; places of work; hospitals…venues where people can connect with our work and use it as a catalyse for debate and transformation- on a personal, social, artistic and/or community basis.

DIRECTORS – Paul Hine & Andy Smith

“The inspirational collaboration between these two remarkable artists has helped many people.”

Sir Edmund & Lady Angela Burton, Phillip Barker Trust

Paul & Andy are a theatre maker and composer duo based in Manchester. The pair met while working for Manchester Camerata on their outreach programme creating new music theatre for young people.

Since then, Paul and Andy have continued to work together on many professional and participatory projects to people of all ages and from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds. Both together and independently, Paul and Andy have worked for many of the major orchestras, theatres and leading arts organisations in the UK as well as working internationally as a theatre maker and composer. They are dedicated to using creativity in education, health and wellbeing and outreach.

Their aim is to create engaging, issue based new music theatre and in doing so challenge artistic preconceptions of what is possible from a performance that has participation at its heart.