A Panto Adventure – Out Now!

With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve got some super festive bonus episodes of Armchair Adventures to get all of our adventurers into the spirit. Our first bonus episode, A Panto Adventure, is out today! 🎄 Maybe you’ll choose to open the first door on your advent calendar whilst listening to a new Armchair Adventure.

Connie is off to a pantomime with school, but she’s never seen one before so she doesn’t know what to expect. She sets Uncle Chris and Year 3 at Arlies Primary School a very important assignment – they need to find out what ingredients make up a panto! 

Uncle Chris:    So, guys, what is your favourite ingredient in a pantomime?

Child: The sweets.

Children: Mmmmmmm

Child: I like the way the goodies always win.

Children: Hurray!

Child: No, I love the baddies the best.

Child: The panto cow is my favourite.

Child: No way, the dame!

Child: Bad jokes.

Child: Custard pies.

Child A: Booing and hissing.

Child B: No, no, no.

Child A: Oh yes it is.

Child B: Oh no it isn’t

We had brilliant fun recording with Year Three at Arlies Primary School for this episode! They told us all about the pantomimes they’d been to see, what their favourite bits of a panto are and even shared their best bad jokes. They’re so bad they’re good – we promise you’ll have a chuckle!

In the end, Uncle Chris decides he needs the opinion of some fellow drama lovers, so he gives our local community theatre group a call. They run us down the top ten pantomime ingredients in showbiz style. From romance to celebrities, giveaways to pantomime dames – what will come out on top?

We hope this episode will get you ready if you’re going on your very own panto adventure. Why not send us a picture of you going to see a pantomime this Christmas? We’ll share the best ones with our listeners around the world!

Don’t forget to join us again for another Christmassy podcast adventure on Thursday 15th December!

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