Armchair Adventures Super Sustainable Fashion Adventure

A Super Sustainable Fashion Adventure Part 1 – Kids Podcast

In this Armchair Adventures episode, we learn all about sustainable fashion with our special guest, Amy Powney from Mother of Pearl.

The Adventure Begins

Pat, one of our regular adventurers, is cleaning out her wardrobe for summer. She’s planning to donate her old clothes to charity, sparking a conversation about the importance of reusing and recycling fashion. Connie, meanwhile, is facing a prom dress dilemma – her mum wants her to wear her vintage dress from the 1980s! But Connie has her eyes on a trendy dress online.

That’s when Pat suggests an armchair adventure to her friend Amy’s super sustainable fashion studio. Amy, is a fabulously sustainable fashion designer, who is dedicated to creating clothes that are kind to our planet

Exploring Amy’s Sustainable Fashion Studio

Upon arrival, they’re greeted with a bustling environment filled with innovative designs, eco-friendly fabrics, and high-tech machinery.

Amy explains her life-centered approach to fashion, emphasising that all our clothes originate from nature and it’s crucial to protect our environment while making them. This sparks curiosity among the adventurers as they look in Amys wardrobe. Speaking of sparks, this is an Armchair Adventure we are on! The wardrobe turns into a rocket and blasts off to show the gang where their fabrics come from.

A Super Sustainable Fashion Adventure Part 1 Kids Podcast

Amy:            And what’s that over here? It looks like a sheep pamper palace!

Jan:             Why not give the sheep some pamper and beauty treatments.

Cyril:            To keep their fleece in top condition…

Pauline:        The baar baar shop! Get it? Like a barbers…

Amy:            How fun, there is even a colour jacuzzi that dyes their fleece…

Discovering Wool at the Sheep Farm 🐏

Their first stop is a wool farm, where they witness firsthand how sheep are cared for to produce high-quality wool. The adventurers have a lovely time getting pampered with the sheep pamper and even take a colourful dip in a wool-dyeing sheep jacuzzi.

Next Stop: The Cotton Farm ☁️

The adventure continues to a cotton farm, where they learn about sustainable farming practices. Amy highlights the importance of crop rotation to maintain healthy soil, and the adventurers get to experience floating on cotton clouds while planting flower seeds to enrich the soil.

Unveiling the Dark Side of Fast Fashion 👗

Finally, the journey takes a turn to a dark, underground cave where they encounter the Oil Monster, Oily. Here, they learn that many synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon are derived from oil, which takes millions of years to form and is hard to recycle. This revelation helps Connie understand the environmental impact of the fast-fashion prom dress she wants.

A Surprise Party Celebration 🥳

Join us next time adventurers, as the gang throw a surprise 256 millionth birthday party for Oily.

Listen to A Super Sustainable Fashion Adventure Part 1,  here.

This episode was made possible by funding from the Energy Saving Trust Foundation’s Youth Climate Action Fund. And a special thanks to Amy Powney for her amazing contribution to this sustainable fashion adventure.

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